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26 Dec 2022

Themed Svelte Components without CSS-in-JS

Using CSS variables to make easily customisable components

17 Dec 2022

Objects in Svelte Stores: Thoughts and Best Practices

Svelte stores are perfect for handling nested objects, but there are a couple of things you want to be aware of.

14 Dec 2022

Persisting Svelte Stores with localStorage

Writing a wrapper function for Svelte stores to connect them to localStorage

23 Oct 2022

Managing Nested States in React

Tricks for updating nested states, such as form values, in React using setState and Zustand

17 Sep 2022

Tabbed Views in Hugo

how to make a tabbed view of contents in Hugo

10 Sep 2022

Syntax Highlighting with Chroma in Hugo

Syntax highlighting with Chroma library in Hugo and adding filename support using markdown render hooks

29 Jun 2022

Generating a Recursive Menu in Hugo

Rendering a multi-level list using recursion in Hugo

5 Jul 2021

Grouping a List by First Letter in Hugo

Alphabetically sorting a list or a taxonomy with headings.

3 Jul 2021

Breadcrumb Navigation in Hugo

How to write a simple Hugo code for breadcrumbs based on the page URL.

31 May 2021

Using Desmos API in Hugo

How to embed the interactive graphing package Desmos in Hugo.